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Some Things of Note

Cars, cameras, cellphones, telephones, televisions, etc, do not work in Silent Hill. Pretty much all technology save for flashlights and handheld radios do not work in Silent Hill, and even then, all the radios do in Silent Hill is emit white noise whenever an enemy is near. The enemies cannot hear the white noise. It's out of their range of hearing much the same way as a dog whistle's sound is out of ours.

For some strange reason, the grocery stores are fully stocked with food which is edible. However, once taken out of the store itself, it behaves as food would normally, spoiling after a few days.

You can find a safe area inside of the houses in the residential area in the Paleville neighborhood north of Toluca lake. Some of the houses are unlocked, and there appears to be about twenty of them on each street (forty in all).

Weapons are easily accessible. Use anything from a board with nails in it to lead pipes to pistols. Shotguns and hunting rifles are about as strong as the weapons get, however. You can find ammunition in gun stores or in storage rooms, sometimes just carelessly laying on tables or by the side of the road.

Deal with the enemies however you wish; shoot them, bludgeon them, or run like a little girl, it's all valid. You will be writing in your own confrontations with them. Don't be afraid to take them on, but please don't be gung-ho and get away clean every single time.

There will be a few familiar faces from the games that I will be playing as NPCs to liven things up a bit, so don't be surprised if you see a certain hooded figure with a very large and very heavy knife.
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