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Fear of Blood [entries|friends|calendar]
Fear of Blood - a Silent Hill Roleplay.

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How to Get Around Town [31 Oct 2004|09:00pm]

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Some Things of Note [30 Oct 2004|07:21pm]

Cars, cameras, cellphones, telephones, televisions, etc, do not work in Silent Hill. Pretty much all technology save for flashlights and handheld radios do not work in Silent Hill, and even then, all the radios do in Silent Hill is emit white noise whenever an enemy is near. The enemies cannot hear the white noise. It's out of their range of hearing much the same way as a dog whistle's sound is out of ours.

For some strange reason, the grocery stores are fully stocked with food which is edible. However, once taken out of the store itself, it behaves as food would normally, spoiling after a few days.

You can find a safe area inside of the houses in the residential area in the Paleville neighborhood north of Toluca lake. Some of the houses are unlocked, and there appears to be about twenty of them on each street (forty in all).

Weapons are easily accessible. Use anything from a board with nails in it to lead pipes to pistols. Shotguns and hunting rifles are about as strong as the weapons get, however. You can find ammunition in gun stores or in storage rooms, sometimes just carelessly laying on tables or by the side of the road.

Deal with the enemies however you wish; shoot them, bludgeon them, or run like a little girl, it's all valid. You will be writing in your own confrontations with them. Don't be afraid to take them on, but please don't be gung-ho and get away clean every single time.

There will be a few familiar faces from the games that I will be playing as NPCs to liven things up a bit, so don't be surprised if you see a certain hooded figure with a very large and very heavy knife.
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The Order [30 Oct 2004|03:34pm]

The Order established itself in Silent Hill shortly before the 1690's, losing their "St. Jennifer" to the witch trials in the New England area and vowing revenge against the townfolk, declaring that they will never forget what happened. They worship their own god, the (possibly) fallen angel, Samael. They've remained underground for the most part since then, altars and ceremonies located below the Green Lion Antique Store in the Paleville neighborhood north of Toluca Lake. They also run the Hope House, an orphanage located to the southwest of the lake, a haven for orphans where the children are taught to worship Samael instead of the Christian God. However, noises of children crying and ceremonies have been heard during the night, disturbing the neighbors and raising their suspicions that Hope House is not exactly what it seems.

Their purpose is to create or find a vessel by which they might birth Samael into this plane of existence. The Hope House was one such means as was simply breeding their women selectively. The female children then apparently gained some psychic gifts of varying power from Samael, most notably Alessa Gillespie and Claudia Wolf. The concrete tower outside the perimeter of Wish House may have been used to aid them in their quest, perhaps calling upon Samael to lend his power. Dahlia Gillespie, mother of Alessa, along with Dr. Michael Kaufmann, botched a ceremony performed upon Alessa when the girl was seven years old, and burned down half of Silent Hill with it. Half of Alessa's soul went into the creation of an infant girl, who was found by the side of the road by Harry Mason and his wife.

After having been nearly eliminated at the hands of Harry Mason, the Order laid low, keeping under the radar of anyone who might act against them until James Sunderland arrived in the town. He performed the Crimson Ceremony, calling Samael back to power, and he resurrected his wife along with the Order itself. It is believed that he took up leadership of the Order after that.

Years later, Father Vincent was at the helm of the Order. It is not known what sort of relationship that he had to anyone else in the Order that he should rise to such a position (though it is quite possible that he is James and Mary's son actually). Claudia Wolf was a prominent member as was her father, Leonard, though he had been committed to Brookhaven Hospital due to stabbing someone over religious matters.

Vincent had been embezzling funds from the Order's coffers, and Claudia herself sought to raise God with a fanatical devotion. She hired Douglas Cartwright to find Harry Mason and thus the girl she claimed had been kidnapped from Silent Hill seventeen years ago, going so far as to have a creature called the Missionary murder Harry in order to engender hatred in Heather's heart. In the process of attempting to bring Samael into this world, Claudia stabbed and killed Vincent, and she tried to salvage the effort after Heather used the tablet of aglaophotis in the pendant her father had given her to expel the fetus from her body. Heather then killed Claudia and left the town with Douglas.

Afterwards, it appears that the Order may not have taken as large a hit as it might seem. It was intimated that there were other members of the Order still, and any one of them could have taken over leadership. The quest to bring Samael into this world is not on hold, simply set back to the point where they have to create a new vessel. The process was started some years ago as a backup plan while they were still searching for Harry and Heather.

Walter Sullivan, a serial killer, was born in Room 302 of the South Ashfield Heights apartment building which is owned by Frank Sunderland, most likely a relative of James and a member of the Order himself. He was abandoned by his parents, probably members of the Order themselves, and was taken to the Wish House. At the age of six, he was taken back to Ashfield and shown the apartment where he was born. He perceived the apartment as his actual mother. He habitually returned to the apartment, eventually to be run off by the tenants of the apartment building.

The ritual of the Twenty-One Sacraments brings about the return of the Holy Mother (a vessel for Samael), but Walter believed that it would bring back his own mother. Walter began the Sacraments with ten murders, including a priest of Valtiel, and cut out the hearts of his victims then carving a series of numbers on their bodies beginning with 01121 and ending in 10121. Once arrested, Walter committed suicide in his cell by stabbing a spoon two inches into his neck and severing the carotid artery. "11121" was carved into the soles of his feet.

Two years after his death, another body was found with "12121" carved into it, raising old memories of Walter's killings. It was dismissed as a copycat crime since the heart was not missing and Walter had committed suicide much earlier.

Through means of a nightmare world, Walter was able to succeed in killing up to the nineteenth of the twenty-one required victims, leaving only two left to complete the series and bring about the descent of the Holy Mother. It is not known whether or not the same person must complete all twenty-one murders in order to complete the Twenty-One Sacraments, something that Order must now contemplate for their own ends.
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Character Application [25 Oct 2004|10:50am]


History: I'd like this to be fairly detailed, as much as you can get it. Your character's history contributes to the next section quite a bit.
Motivations: Why does your character do the things they do?

Connection to Silent Hill: Is it just random chance that your character is dropping in, or have their parents been members of the cult in the town for years? Being sucked into Silent Hill isn't always an accident. ;)

Something you want only the GM to know: Just a small fact or randomness you want me to know about. Comments to this entry are screened, so no one else will know the secret. I will create a small website with the character profiles on them, but this part will be left off.

Player name:
Journal: Specific journal for the character or just your own. If using your own and you have space, please create a special icon just for the community, so we can associate the icon with your character.
Availability: How often are you free to do a scene?

Comments will be screened to this entry to keep the secret for the GM's eyes only actually, uh, secret.
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[10 Oct 2004|12:19pm]

GM Code of Ethics

--All of my players are special to me. No one player will get more attention than another because it would be unfair to the others. There is no star of the RP other than the story itself.

--It is my responsibility to make sure that the game is fun and worth playing. I cannot do it without my players, but they do not have the same responsibility that I do as the GM of the game.

--When something disrupts gameplay, I will ensure that the situation is resolved satisfactorily. My judgement needs to be fair to all the players.

--I am not infallible, but I will use my judgement to the best of my ability. I will welcome constructive criticism but not outright insults.

--I am the one in charge, not my players. I will not hesitate to remind people of this if I have to.

--I will not be afraid to stand my ground when I make a decision. Whether it's popular or not, if it is necessary, I will do it. Nor will I hesitate to lay the smack down if the rules are broken.

--I need to be prepared, whether it's a request for more information or just having resources available for my players. It belittles my credibility if I can't answer a simple question.

--I reserve the right to ask for full logs of scenes to ensure that no rules from the "jackass list" are being violated.
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Rules a.k.a. The Jackass List. [07 Oct 2004|12:13pm]

My main rule is, "Don't be a jackass." What does a jackass do, you ask?


--metagame i.e. use knowledge gained OOC (Out of Character) in game that their character wouldn't know otherwise.

--powergame i.e. overstep the boundaries when doing a scene with another character, forcing them to do actions that they may not want to do.
ex. in a battle, a character is unable to dodge a punch because the other character has declared that their punch has already connected and knocked the first character on their ass.

--twink i.e. develop new abilities for their characters to get them out of tight spots.
ex. a character is trapped and is about to be killed by a monster when suddenly, they develop amazing martial arts skills...that they never had before.

--act out of character i.e. present their character one way in their application and biography but play them radically differently in the game itself.

--engage in pissing contests. Nothing is more boring than to read about two characters trying to prove who is the more powerful/better fighter/etc unless they're willing to make it an actual plot point/rivalry.

--try to get out of the consequences for their character's actions or believe that their characters are above reproach. Consequences must be dealt with, not avoided, for the best interest of the game.

--don't interact with other players (note: I do find it highly amusing when those people then complain about how little RP they get.)

--conversely, pester other players for RP too much. (What constitutes 'too much'? Asking another player for a scene literally everytime they sign on would be 'too much.' YMMV, of course, but if a player complains, it will be dealt with.)

--attention-whore i.e. expect to be the center of attention and will do anything to get it if the spotlight happens to fall on another character.

--retcon (retroactive continuity) i.e. change their character's previous actions in order to get a more favorable outcome. Once the action is completed in scene, it will not be changed, and the character must then face the results of their actions. (note: Some retcon is permissible in the face of glaring errors.)

--expect other players/characters to share assumptions. Do not assume that everyone will believe as you do.

--rape thesauruses. With very few exceptions, purple prose is bad. And somewhere, there is a thesaurus laying in a gutter, broken, bleeding, and too afraid to file charges. Please. Think of the thesauruses.

--believe that their authority overrides that of the GM. The GM is in charge of the game. Unless the GM is irrational and is making mistakes, there is no reason to rebel against their authority.

--pressure other players into storylines. If a player does not agree to do so, they may not be pressured and annoyed into doing so by the other player.
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Background: History [30 Aug 2004|01:52pm]

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The history of Silent Hill:Collapse )

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