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Fear of Blood

A Silent Hill Roleplay

Fear of Blood - a Silent Hill Roleplay.
Silent Hill
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fear_of_blood is an entirely original character-based roleplay set in the Silent Hill universe. Although there will be a familiar face from the games from time to time, the spotlight will be on the original characters themselves.

For some reason or another, the town is still active, drawing people into its clutches for its own purposes. It is truly up to these people where their fates lie, whether they make it out of the town with their sanity relatively intact or stay and try to rid the town of the fog for good or become destroyed by their own consciences.

The Order is still relatively active, but it is hurting without a vessel by means of which Samael can be brought into this world. With such a small and limited number of members, their gene pool is severely limited as well now that the Wish House has burned to the ground.

Then there is Samael himself. His motives are always mysterious and only sometimes are they just. He seethes behind the veil of the fog, always watching and waiting for an opportunity, no matter how long it takes.

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